06 November 2007

Ryan Adams & The Cardinals - "Follow the Lights" EP

Follow the Lights
Ryan Adams and the Cardinals
EP Release Date: 23 October 2007 
List Price: $7.85

Follow the Lights is something of a filler EP for Ryan Adams.  Released just months after the full album Easy TigerFollow the Lights is neither an extension of that album nor does it feel like a precursor to his next.  Rather, this EP plays out like a brief little album all its own.  This feels like a jam session or garage band practice, only done by a completely professional band.  The songs are all fairly consistent in mood and sound, and like a middle school dance, it's hard to know when one song has ended and another begun.  Perhaps the most noticeable element of Follow the Lights is Brad Pemberton's drum kit.  It's front and center, not muted the way drums usually are on albums, and this has the effect of bringing to mind an intimate bar setting, dimly lit and probably not smokey because, well, no one can smoke in bars anymore, it seems.

This is the kind of music you want to hear while you're on your fifth screwdriver of the night and your buddies are all into something off to the side and all you want to do is just get lost in the music...  And then, just as it would happen in real life, the moment is ruined.  Only it's not your drunk buddies who won't shut up that ruin it, it's the fact that at only seven songs, you just don't get that much music in which to lose yourself.

Note: I received this CD free as a member of the Lost Highway Street Team.

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