23 February 2009

Redbox Replay

I love Redbox (even though it's been a while since I last rented from them).  First of all, I love that the price is $1.00 daily; they also provide a code for a free rental on Mondays.  Secondly, I love not being obligated to return a title to the same machine from which I rented it, meaning that if my wife and I rent on a whim at McDonald's after having lunch, we can drop it off at Walmart instead of having to go back to Mickey D's.  I also enjoy the ability to not only browse online, but to reserve a title online at a specific vending machine.

What I really appreciate about Redbox, though, is the selection.  They stock current mainstream titles, but they have also included several indie and less-publicized titles.  Last year, for instance, we rented Sex and Breakfast and Shattered, having heard absolutely nothing about either of them beforehand.  The fact that a movie could star Pierce Brosnan, Gerard Butler (right after 300) and Maria Bello and be entirely unknown to us was surprising; we loved the film itself.

Now, Redbox has added popular catalog titles to boost the appeal of its machines.  Most of these titles that interest me are already in our library, but I have to give props to Redbox for adding classics such as Lawrence of Arabia (yeah, I know!), Glory and The Professional, as well as 80s standards like Ghostbusters and The Karate Kid.

Check out the entire list of titles here.

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