16 February 2009

Poster: "Edgar Allan Poe's Ligeia"

Edgar Allan Poe's Ligeia
Poster design by BE Design

I have loved this short story by Poe since I first read it in college.  B.J. Harrison continues to receive my requests to record an audio version for his Classic Tales Podcast, but I was astounded to discover this theatrical adaptation is in the offing!  IMDB shows it was produced in 2008, but there are no release dates either there or on this poster; I'll keep an eye out for a release date, either theatrical or on DVD.

In the meanwhile, what an astounding poster!  I love the creepy, cultish look and the red dress contrasts nicely with the dark surroundings.  Ligeia, in the story, is a beautiful woman who falls ill; I'd say that's conveyed quite clearly here.

BE Designs have produced posters for several Pierce Brosnan films, including two of his James Bond outings (Tomorrow Never Dies and The World Is Not Enough), his 1999 remake of The Thomas Crown Affair and Shattered.  Their work tends to be either very simple, or very cluttered, and this is a brilliant entry on the "simple" side.  The film will likely be entirely overlooked by mainstream audiences, but this is one of the most enticing posters I've seen in a long while.

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