09 February 2009

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

For years now (literally, plural), I have endeavored to get people to participate in this writing exercise.  Friends of mine have told me they've actually composed submissions, but I've yet to receive any of them.  Not that, having failed to produce one myself, I'm in a position to knock them for that.  Anyway, the premise is simple enough.  Based upon the old addage that a picture is worth a thousand words, you are asked to select a photograph you personally shot and compose exactly one thousand words about it.

You can select any subject of your choosing--a family pet, a nature setting, an original Monet you stole from an art gallery, whatever strikes your fancy, so long as you personally shot it, and that you shot it prior to this.  I don't want anyone staging a photograph for the purpose of this writing exercise.

As for what to say about the photograph, obviously, let us know what we're seeing and why you chose it.  What was going on at the time?  What memories are conjured by the image?  It may be helpful to think of what you would say if you were going through an old photo album and showing off pictures to someone who hadn't seen them before.

I have created a group on Facebook for this exercise, and I invite you to join and participate.  I also invite you to invite people you know to join and participate!  I think this can become a very entertaining, and rewarding, shared experiment.  Click here to join the group.

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