05 November 2007

Lyle Lovett and His Large Band - "It's Not Big It's Large"

It's Not Big, It's Large
Lyle Lovett and His Large Band
CD Release Date: 28 August 2007
List Price: $11.98 (Deluxe Edition: $16.98)

Perhaps no album in the history of recorded music has been more accurately titled than It's Not Big, It's Large.  Including Lyle Lovett, the Large Band numbers nineteen musicians (counting from those pictured in the booklet and promotional material), and that doesn't include guest artist Guy Clark.  The album opens with an instrumental number, "Tickle Toe," which is fun, loose and energetic.  That full sound and enthusiasm is sustained throughout most of the album, making for an easy-to-get-into listening experience.

Throughout the album, Lovett explores coming of age in Texas ("South Texas Girl"), love ("Up in Indiana"), spirituality ("I Will Rise Up/Ain't No More Cane") and the prospect that things might have peaked ("All Downhill").  Lovett's vocals are relaxed, yet raspy, and slide comfortably through the varying moods of the album.  It's Not Big, It's Large was recorded in a studio, and yet one can't help but wish to hear this material performed in concert live, in album sequence.

It's Not Big, It's Large is perfectly suited for anything from a wine party to doing housework in the middle of the afternoon.  Its energy and thoughtful lyrics are engaging throughout, and the only real problem with the album is that it ends.  Fortunately, it takes little effort to simply hit "play" again.

Note: I received this CD free as a member of the Lost Highway Street Team.

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