08 February 2009

"Indiana Jones and the City of the Gods" by Frank Darabont

  • Indiana Jones and the City of the God
Script written by Frank Darabont

"I wrote a brilliant script and George Lucas didn't use it because he's crazy."  That's not a direct quote, but it does just about sum up what Frank Darabont has preached since Lucas rejected his script for Indiana Jones and the City of the Gods.  Lucasfilm and Paramount Pictures have (understandably) done their best to keep this script out of public hands, but the advent of the Internet since Indy's last ride has made such a task impractical.  I have recently come to find what is alleged to be the final Darabont script, and I feel that Indy fans ought to have some kind of insight into what the script was like.  Disclaimer: I can only assume that the script that was brought to me is legitimate.

Much of Indiana Jones and the City of the Gods actually survived into David Koepp's Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.  The chief differences are as follows:
  • There is no Mutt (or any other such character).
  • Instead of Mac, the betraying partner and Irina, the Russian agent, there is Yuri, the betraying partner who is a Russian agent.
  • Marion is actually already married, to a guy whom Indy can't stand; he, too, turns out to be in cahoots with the Russians.
  • The end is much the same, only clearer to understand.
The dialogue is a little funnier, a little more reminiscent of the earlier films.  I actually laughed several times while reading the script--at parts I was supposed to find funny.  I have no doubt that Frank Darabont finished typing this script with a sense of satisfaction, feeling he had included Lucas's insisted-upon crystal skulls and sci-fi elements, while retaining enough classic Indy moments and dialogue to please everyone else.  To be fair, there is nothing terrible about the script.  There's just nothing especially great about it, either.

Originally published 30 July 2008

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