11 February 2009

DVD: "Ancient Mysteries: Tattooing"

Ancient Mysteries: Tattooing
Written and Produced by Tom Jennings
Narrated by Leonard Nimoy
DVD Release Date: 29 May 2007
MPAA Rating: Not Rated (TV)
List Price: $24.95

The Episode
This is an episode from A&E's television series Ancient Mysteries.  Simply put, they trace the changing cultural significances of tattoos throughout Europe, Asia and the Pacific Rim.  Some techniques are discussed, though the emphasis remains on the majority attitudes toward tattoos in these differing societies.

There are no bonus features at all, and with a list price of $24.95 and a run time of 50 minutes, you're being asked to pay fifty cents a minute for an episode of a TV series that first aired in 1997.  Simply put, this is strictly a rental from Netflix.  If you happen to love this episode for some reason (and I can't even imagine tattoo enthusiasts finding it that rewarding), you should definitely do your homework and look for a sale.

The Recommendation
There's simply too much information that has to be omitted for a 50 minute broadcast of any subject, and tattoos are no exception.  The title, Tattooing, suggests that it will explore various techniques, but as has already been mentioned, this is not particularly important to the survey provided.  Rather, this is really a chronicle of the changes of majority attitudes toward tattooing over the years in select places.  The visuals are fascinating, certainly, but the information is hardly eye-opening.

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