16 February 2009

DVD: "Adventures in Babysitting"

Adventures in Babysitting
Directed by Chris Columbus
Written by David Simkins
Starring: Elisabeth Shue, Keith Coogan, Anthony Rapp, Maia Brewton
DVD Release Date: 18 January 2000
MPAA Rating: PG-13
List Price: $9.99
Cinescope Personality Types: Youthful Sage, Loyal Warrior

The Film
Chris (Shue) reluctantly agrees to babysit after her plans with her boyfriend fall through.  Not long after taking charge, though, a friend calls her from a downtown Chicago bus station pleading to be retrieved.  Against her better judgment, Chris takes her three charges--along with the teenage boy's friend--into Chicago without their parents's knowledge.  A series of mishaps ensues, of course, as the group struggles to simply return home safely with no one ever being the wiser.

There are no features, unless you count Dolby Digital Surround Sound and the 1.85:1 aspect ratio as features.  Or the French language track.  Rumors have persisted for some time now about either a sequel or remake, and it's possible this film will get a bonus features-laden re-issue if that project ever sees the light of day.  For now, this bare-bones edition is all that's on the market.

The Recommendation
Ultimately, either you have an appreciation for 1980s comedies or you don't.  Chances are, if you enjoy the genre, you're already familiar with this film.  I'd be willing to bet, though, that if you don't particularly enjoy them, this won't change things.  There is a great suspension of disbelief required by the film's climax that probably goes too far by today's standards.  Still, Vincent D'Onofrio has a great cameo appearance, and fans of Marvel Comics's Mighty Thor will always find a reason to either love or hate the film, depending on their degree of sensitivity.

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