20 February 2009

DVD: "The Dream Team"

The Dream Team
Directed by Howard Zieff
Written by Jon Connolly & David Loucka
Starring: Michael Keaton, Christopher Lloyd, Peter Boyle, Stephen Furst, Lorraine Bracco
DVD Release Date: 1 July 2003
MPAA Rating: PG-13
List Price: $9.99

The Film
Billy (Keaton) convinces psychiatrist Dr. Weitzman (Dennis Boutsikaris) that a group field trip to a Mets game is in order.  In true 80s comedy fashion, Weitzman becomes separated from the group and witnesses a mob hit.  The four patients are compelled to overcome their differences--and their issues--long enough to find and save their psychiatrist, knowing full well that with their profiles, they will be the first suspects in the doc's disappearance.

Despite first hitting DVD in 2003, Dream Team's sole bonus feature is its original theatrical trailer.  At least the film is in its original, anamorphic aspect ratio.

The Recommendation
This is one of those films where its "premise" is code for "excuse for things we thought would be fun to make a movie out of."  At nearly 2 hours in running time, it seems that either the script needed one more draft, or the editing could have been a little more supervised.  Without a commentary or any other insights from the director or writers, we're left to guess which is the guiltier culprit.  Still, it's a fun romp with the cast all playing their roles to the hilt.  Especially fun for fans of Everybody Loves Raymond is Boyle, stubbornly convinced he is Jesus Christ.  Fans of baseball will find this a tangential endorsement of the unifying power of the game, though like nearly everything else in this film, it's incidental.  Fans of the cast might find this a worthy blind buy; others should rent.

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