01 January 2009

New Year's Scavenger Hunt

Well, the subscription drive was a resounding success.  And by "resounding success" I mean it failed almost entirely.  My new aunt has made an effort to subscribe, but has so far been thwarted by the trickery of the Interwebs.  Anyway, for those who do keep up with this blog, I have decided to run a little scavenger hunt.  Hopefully, I will get new readers sometime soon, and I understand that this is not high on anyone's priority list anyway, so the tentative deadline will be 31 January at 23:59 (that's 11:59 PM for those who don't use military time).  Everything on this list can be found in past blog posts, so hopefully new readers will come along and benefit from this as well.

Prizes will be chosen by me, and awarded to the first three participants (if I even get that many) will win a prize for earning the maximum number of available points.  To win, you must be one of the first three participants to earn all 31 points.  A bonus prize of lesser value will be awarded to anyone who subscribes during this scavenger hunt.

1) Name one song and its performing artist on my Playlist.
2) Name one Mii character I have created for the Wii.
3) Which picture from the LIFE photograph archive did I post?
4) Before Blogspot, I maintained a blog on another site.  What was it?
5) Name three movies I saw in 2008.
6) Name at least one book I read in 2008.
7) On what date did I see Hal Morris hit his fourth homerun of the 1990 season?
8) Who was the subject of my first Blogspot post?
9) I use the hygiene products of which company?
10) Which of Elvis Presley's albums has the highest certification from the RIAA for sales?
11) Where was I twice hospitalized in 2008?
12) Which combination of Major League Baseball league and U.S. political party have won the most World Series and presidential elections in the same year?
13) Because I have Crohn's disease, I have an especially vested interest in what President-Elect Barack Obama does with which government agency?  Bonus: What is he rumored to be expected to do with that agency that will potentially benefit those like me?
14) Name three things I checked out from the Oldham County Public Library's Duerson branch in 2008.
15) Not every blog was originally published here.  Where have some of the others originated?
16) How many of my predictions came true for the 2008 Country Music Association Awards?
17) I made it to one concert in 2008.  Who performed?

The final three questions come from the MySpace Blog Archive, so you'll have to link over to that to finish the hunt.
18) What was my recently discovered regret in early 2008?
19) Why did I find the Shrek Trilogy DVD box set disappointing?
20) Name at least one comic book/graphic novel I reviewed in 2008.

Happy hunting, and thanks for reading!  By the way, you will get a bonus half-point for posting feedback to any entry you read in the process of finding answers, up to a total of 10 points.  That means there are potentially 31 points to be earned.

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  1. This sounds awesome. I hope I can find a few moments to do it!