01 March 2008

Wii and Gameboy

Last fall, my wife and I talked each other into acquiring a Wii.  Readers of my blog may recall the night of World Series Game Three, when we left during the game to pick up her reserved Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock.  We recently discovered a clearance sale at Wal-Mart that benefitted us: for $15 each, we were able to buy a gift pack that included one (1) glove/sleeve for a Classic Controller and one (1) 2000 point Wii card.  That's right, we got a $20 Wii card plus controller glove for $15.  I have recently been reminding myself how bad I am at Super Mario Bros. 3, which was the first thing I downloaded with my share of Wii points.

I also recently re-discovered my old school Gameboy, and I am about a week away from checking myself into Tetris Rehab.  I swear, if someone really did establish a Tetris Anonymous center, I would be among the first to check into it.  Sometimes at night, I see L-shaped pieces and want to rotate them.  I was amazed to discover used Gameboys for less than $10 shipped on eBay.  I don't really have any of my old games for it anymore, so I'm thinking about tracking down some of them on eBay or half.com.  I also still have my Super Nintendo Entertainment System, with the Super Gameboy, allowing me to play Gameboy games on the SNES (truly one of the neatest video game devices of that generation).

The last two days, my wife and I re-visited Mario Party 4, and it didn't take long before we were reminded why that was one entry in the series we didn't play often.  Those boards can be extremely frustrating!  It took me literally over half of one game to get out of the first loop of Toad's board.  Granted, I won that game, but still...  Anyway, we're about to fire up Mario Party 5, so I'm going to leave this blog somewhat incomplete.  Time to go play as Peach, since they stopped letting me play as Donkey Kong with this one.

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