10 November 2008

Operation: DVD

For years, we've been asked to support the troops.  That has often translated into little more than adorning one's pick-up with a bumper sticker saying, "Support Our Troops."  It's November, and that means that even if we weren't on the verge of re-living the Great Depression, charities would all be competing for your donations for the rest of the year.

Not only are Afghanistan and Iraq hot and full of armed terrorists, but they're relatively dull for our soldiers.  Baseball emerged as our national pasttime in large part to its popularity among soldiers on both sides of the Civil War as a distraction from the bloodshed.  Today's troops lack even that luxury, because there are so few safe places where they are that will accomodate something as simple as playing catch.

A safer form of entertainment, though are DVD's.  Operation: DVD is a project designed to collect and distribute DVD's to deployed soldiers.  Their target goal is to collect one million DVD titles, and to maintain a rotating supply of 200-250 DVD's per base.  All you have to do is send your DVD(s) to:

Operation: DVD
31337 Huron Street
Temecula, CA 92592

You're not being asked to buy new DVD's.  They'll take used DVD's (though, obviously, make sure they're not things your brother borrowed and returned so scratched up it won't play).  So, the next time you're cleaning up around the house and you find yourself putting away the last DVD you watched, take a moment.  Look at your library and see if there's anything you really aren't that into anymore.

For more information, visit the Operation: DVD website.


  1. Great idea! I still think you should start the porn for our troops idea. Give 'em what they really want, clean out your porn stash, and feel good about helping your country!

  2. First of all, I'm not acknowledging that I have a porn stash. Secondly, even if I had such a thing, the military doesn't permit such things. Which is weird, because the strip clubs and porn shops are *always* on the base side of a military town.