10 October 2007

Nintendo Small Fine Print

Over the years, I have observed with humor various pieces of "small fine print."  This morning, I encountered a new favorite, this time from Nintendo.  If you order from Nintendo's website, you will be asked to check a box agreeing with their terms.  I elected to read the terms, not expecting to find...

Nintendo Power Subscriptions Refund
If you would like to request a refund for you Nintendo Power subscription, you will need to return the free gift (e.g. player's guide, t-shirt, etc.) you received with your subscription(s). Once the free gift is received, we will proces your refund. You will be refunded the subrscription price less the cost of any issues already sent or in the mail at the time of refund request.

It would appear that Nintendo and I disagree on what the term "free gift" means.  Since I have never held a Nintendo Power subscription, and do not anticipate this changing, I have no real investment in this policy.  Still, I find it...bizarre.  Perhaps I find it bizarre because what led me to this fine print in the first place was a very generous offer from Nintendo to provide to me, free of charge, up to four Wii remote control sleeves since they are now standard with the purchase of a Wii.  I was pleasantly surprised that Nintendo would go to such lengths, since the things cost about $8 in stores, and to be honest, the offer reminded me of all the warm feelings I've had for Nintendo over the years.  To find out they require you return your "free gift" to refund a Nintendo Power subscription...Baffling.  Truly baffling.

Speaking of Nintendo Power, I'd like to give Nintendo props here for not changing the logo in the entire time they've offered the magazine.  The same logo that seemed just short of exciting in the 8-bit NES days is still here for the Wii days, and I say, "God bless 'em."