13 December 2007

CD Review: "I Still Have a Pony" by Steven Wright

I Still Have a Pony
Steven Wright
CD Release Date: 25 September 2007

I Still Have a Pony, one should know, is the exact same material performed by Steven Wright in his recent DVD, When the Leaves Blow Away. My brother and I caught Leaves on Comedy Central a few weeks before I purchased Still and I couldn't help but feel a bit disappointed when I realized what I was hearing.

Still, Steven Wright has always been one of my favorite stand-up comedians, and his representation in my library has been disappointingly thin until now. The material is not quite as outlandish as it had been on I Have a Pony; there is no equivalent to the "Jiggs Casey" routine. In many ways, it feels as though the two volumes should have been one full-fledged performance, and that it had been distilled for the first release. Consequently, this second volume is noticeably thinner, though this is not to say it doesn't deliver. Lying in bed, listening to the album on my iPod, I know I interrupted my wife's reading of Anne Frank's The Diary of a Young Girl with laughter several times, and likely at very inappropriate moments for her.

For those looking to incorporate Steven Wright into their libraries, I Have a Pony is still the strongest, most rewarding release to date and an essential comedy album. For those who already have I Have a Pony, it's not necessary to supplement with both the Still CD and Leaves DVD; go with the DVD, if only to actually see Wright perform his material.