24 March 2004

Set List: Blake Shelton - 24 March 2004

Blake Shelton
Coyote's Music and Dance Hall, Louisville, KY

24 March 2004

Jamey Garner

Back Home
Livin’ For Today
Runnin’ From The Law
America And Me
Again Tonight
Round And Round
Folsom Prison Blues
Down In The Boondocks
Seven Year Itch
Two More Bottles Of Wine
Long-Haired Country Boy
Backwoods Boy
Ain’t That America
Say Goodbye

Blake Shelton

Heavy Liftin’
Every Time I Look At You
That’s What’s Gettin’ To Me
All Over Me
Redneck Girl
Good Friends, Good Whiskey And Good Lovin’
I Love A Rainy Night
Georgia In A Jug
Black Sheep Of The Family
When Somebody Knows You That Well
Playboys Of The Southwestern World
Some Beach
Same Old Song
The Baby
Dixie On My Mind
Ol’ Red

East Bound And Down