06 October 2000

Alan Jackson - 6 October 2000

Alan Jackson - Under the Influence Tour*

Rupp Arena, Lexington, KY
6 October 2000
Clay Walker

What’s It To You
Hypnotize The Moon
Dreamin’ With My Eyes Open
Live Until I Die
Where Do I Fit In The Picture
You’re Beginning To Get To Me
Live, Laugh, Love
This Woman And This Man
Bury The Shovel
The Chain Of Love
Only On Days That End In “Y”
Watch This*
La Bamba
Cold Hearted
Then What
If I Could Make A Livin’

Rumor Has It

Alan Jackson

Medley: Blue Moon Of Kentucky/Gone Country
It Must Be Love
Tall, Tall Trees
Livin’ on Love
Right On The Money
She’s Got The Rhythm (And I Got The Blues)
Gone Crazy
Don’t Rock The Jukebox
Medley: Here In The Real World/Wanted
Summertime Blues
The Blues Man
Pop A Top
Who’s Cheatin’ Who
I’ll Go On Loving You
Little Bitty
Midnight In Montgomery

Mercury Blues

*The show was billed as part of the Under the Influence Tour, but was really the beginning of the When Somebody Loves You Tour

This was an unplanned concert.  I had been interested to see the show, as I had greatly enjoyed seeing Clay Walker previously and had wanted to see Alan Jackson.  I discussed with my brother and uncle the possibility of going to see them in Nashville (no Louisville stop was planned).  Both of them hemmed and hawed and no one ever said anything further so I gave up requesting off that night from work.  No sooner did I make that choice than the two of them became gung ho about going, and they went without me.  I gave up on seeing this tour.

Then, by happenstance, I caught up with a friend on the day of the show and we went to Lexington.  There were some personal events in his life at the time that I feel are beyond the scope of my blog, but the point is that this concert was not on our minds or itinerary.  We spent much of the afternoon on the campus of the University of Kentucky, waiting to get hold of a friend who was then enrolled there.  We played catch in an open park area for a bit, and ate some terrific Thai food at a restaurant on campus.  Our friend eventually did make some time for us, but it was a bad night to visit her as she was committed to working a concert or some such event.  We shrugged it off and headed home.  On our way out, we heard on the radio that a section of floor seats had just been opened up and put on sale.  We gave into the spontaneity, whipped right around and headed to Rupp Arena's box office, where we procured two tickets for the show.

Clay Walker was his standard charming and energetic self, but he did flub the lyrics to "Watch This."  Twice.  He laughed at his embarrassment and then gave up in favor of "La Bamba," which he nailed.  At least, I think he nailed it; my Spanish ain't too good.  Alan Jackson's performance sounded fine to me, but he had very little stage presence.  It almost felt like he would rather have been somewhere else.  Maybe it just felt that way after Walker's enthusiastic performance.  Whatever the case, I walked away feeling that I'd enjoyed the opening act more than the headliner, though I was glad I could at least finally check off Jackson from my To See list, and a good time was definitely had by the two of us regardless.